about the other bean

Even though it’s only been open two years, The Other Bean feels like it’s been a Halifax staple for all of time. True, its location has been home to other businesses, but it wasn’t until recently that Quinpool found a place it could call its living room.
The Other Bean is more than a coffee shop. It’s a social hub for locals and commuters alike. It’s not odd to see a politician drafting policy in the corner or a musician pick up a guitar to finish a song on the cozy outdoor patio. But it isn’t until you try their sandwiches that you realize what the other bean is. Sprouts, anyone? Making a sandwich is easy, making a sandwich great is something that requires a special touch, and the touches here are all special. The Other Bean takes the extra effort to source their ingredients locally, and everyone knows food taste better without a side of carbon emissions.
No time to eat? Come have a drink with us, and by us I mean Steve. Steve is the steady hand that makes The Other Bean feel like a home away from home, it practically is his living room. You might not know it, but Steve has been around Quinpool for a long time. After ten years of being the friendliest face at the Trailshop, he took a big risk and moved next door! Whether trying to help a friend start a small business, a tourist find an untouched local treasure, or an abandoned dog find a home, Steve is forever friendly and reliable. In spite of working 28 hours a day, he always has time to make your favourite coffee or pour you one of the beers on tap.
The Best Local Suppliers





i ham what i ham | $7

Sweet William’s Smoked Ham and Swiss, fresh sprouts, and house-made hot honey and mustard sauce.

Rabbit Food | $7.5

Hummus, roasted red peppers, goat cheese, sprouts, and chipotle mayo.

The 101 | $8

Sweet William’s shoulder bacon, smoked cheddar, sliced apples and basil mayo.

The St. Laurent | $8.5

Double smoked meat and mustard.

gobble gobble | $8.5

Smoked turkey, goat cheese, sprouts, and basil pesto mayo.

Peppery Goodness | $5

Herb and pepper jelly with cream cheese

Add turkey + $2

The St. Denis | $8.5

Montreal style smoked meat, smoked cheddar, roasted red peppers, and chipotle mayo.


The Early Bird | $5

Ham, egg, smoked cheddar, and garlic mayo.

Fancy Grilled Cheese | $6

Smoked cheddar and Swiss with apple slices.

PB&J | $3

No explanation needed.

Bagel | $2.75

with peanut butter, jam, hummus, or cream cheese.

The Early Rabbit | $5

Egg, sprouts, smoked cheddar, and garlic mayo.

Grilled Cheese for the Rest of Us | $4

Cheese, bread, butter.

Toast by the Slice | $1.5

Cheese, bread, butter.

Bagel | $2.25

with butter.