about the other bean

The Other Bean has taken over a well developed hub on Quinpool Rd. Formerly known as Ireland 32, and before that Carlito’s, the torch has been passed on from Noel Gallagher  to the new owner, Steve Maly as of spring 2014. Still serving JavaBlend espresso and drip, he wishes to further the vision of promoting local operations. The OtherBean has sourced the best baked goods from select locations such as Janes Next Door, Café Cempoal and Local Source Bakery. Sandwiches and snacks are made in-house.  Now on Quinpool Rd, you can enjoy delicious craft beer, cider, coffee and company. Have you seen the patio out back?

Have you met the key baristas? As local as they come, cute, eclectic, metal, you name it.  Laura has crafted a menu to suit all tastes and diets. She consciously remembers everyone’s drinks whether you’re a once-a-month, once-a-week or a once-a-day patron. You will be romanced into treating yourself to a savory breakfast snack or a decadent dark chocolate chip cookie quite easily.

Come in for a coffee, a bite to eat and a drink!

The Best Local Suppliers



i ham what i ham | $7

Sweet William’s Smoked Ham and Swiss, fresh sprouts, and house-made hot honey and mustard sauce.

Rabbit Food | $7.5

Hummus, roasted red peppers, goat cheese, sprouts, and chipotle mayo.

The 101 | $8

Sweet William’s shoulder bacon, smoked cheddar, sliced apples and basil mayo.

The St. Laurent | $8.5

Double smoked meat and mustard.

gobble gobble | $8.5

Smoked turkey, goat cheese, sprouts, and basil pesto mayo.

Peppery Goodness | $5

Herb and pepper jelly with cream cheese

Add turkey + $2

The St. Denis | $8.5

Montreal style smoked meat, smoked cheddar, roasted red peppers, and chipotle mayo.


The Early Bird | $5

Ham, egg, smoked cheddar, and garlic mayo.

Fancy Grilled Cheese | $6

Smoked cheddar and Swiss with apple slices.

PB&J | $3

No explanation needed.

Bagel | $2.75

with peanut butter, jam, hummus, or cream cheese.

The Early Rabbit | $5

Egg, sprouts, smoked cheddar, and garlic mayo.

Grilled Cheese for the Rest of Us | $4

Cheese, bread, butter.

Toast by the Slice | $1.5

Cheese, bread, butter.

Bagel | $2.25

with butter.